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Service that provides care to the child as well as monitoring of its normal growth and development in order to diagnose early genetic or hereditary pathologies as well as diagnose possible diseases that the child may suffer and take note of the most interesting data about In addition, his health will keep a periodical control of weight, height and psychomotor development in the child from the first year of life, completing his growth chart. All this will be done taking into account a series of parameters that are related to evolutionary changes according to the age of the infant.
In addition, the updating of the corresponding vaccination scheme according to age will be kept in mind.

Frequency of visits according to age:

– At 7 and 15 days.

– One month, two months, four months and six months.

– At 9 months.

– At 12 months.

– At 15 months.

– At 18 months.

– At 2 years old.

– After 2 years, once a year.