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Medical tourism

Medical Tourism Services:

Barcelona has a huge hotel offer, both in terms of prices, luxury and simplicity. Barcelona Medical Center, helps you find the most convenient accommodation for you or your family. In addition to hotels, we can offer apartments, residences or any other place where you want to live the time you should be in our city.
In addition, thanks to the agreements that we have, you can enjoy spa sessions at the hotels with which we work.

Transportation in the city
In Barcelona public transport is considered one of the best, however we put at your disposal any other means you need to get around, including a driver to accompany you. Get in touch with us through and we will inform you.

Interpret medical consultation
Barcelona Medical center puts at your disposal an interpreter in any language to translate your conversations with the doctor and the translation of the reports generated during your visit.
Get in touch with us through and we will inform you.

Consulate information
It is very important that you check the validity of your passport !!!! You must have at least a 90 day validity to travel to Barcelona.
For patients from countries that require a visa, it must be taken into account that the Spanish Consulate does not issue a “medical visa”, even if the trip is for medical treatment, the visa issued is the tourist visa. A visa consists of presenting the documents for tourist trip with flight and hotel reservations.
When the patient goes directly to the hospital from the airport to the hospital, an invitation from the hospital is needed, which must be presented at the Consulate. It is the same case of patients who come for long treatments or without a fixed term.
From Barcelona Medical Center we will help you in all the procedures you need. We can send an invitation directly to the Consulate of Spain in your country, so that you can process the visa more easily.


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